Panther Valley

Panther Valley/Frank Damian Field: Baseball

First time visitors are pleasantly surprised by the hidden beauty of Panther Valley as they descend upon ODU’s prized baseball diamond. Sunken well below street-level and masked by plentiful trees, the only evidence of what awaits below is the echoing “ping” of aluminum bats meeting baseballs. The field is complete with a batting cage, home bullpen beyond the left field line and a visitor bullpen along the right field line. A recent addition to Panther Valley is a state-of-the-art scoreboard complete with graphics and animatronics. Panther Valley has developed year-by-year to the point that it is now considered one of the finest college baseball facilities in the country.

Hitting Facility: Baseball and Softball
Located next to the softball field is the hitting facility. The hitting facility provides the teams a place to refine their skills through the harsh Central Ohio late-winter and early-spring. With the retractable nets, the hitting facility contains three batting cages complete with pitching mounds and pitching machines.