The Sixth Man Club

The foundation of the men's basketball program was established from 1966 to 1968 when, under the coaching of ODU Hall of Famer Tom Scholl, 10 men took to the court in Black & Gold for the first time. Dennis Craft, Jack Collins, Tom Fitzpatrick, John Favret, Al Sheridan, Daniel Straub, Dennis Smith, Joe Szabo, Robert Vogel Sr. and Mike Wagenbrenner laid a foundation of commitment, determination and excellence, which would be hallmarks of the program for the next 40 years. Today, those virtues are live on through The Sixth Man Club, an organization of alumni, parents and friends who are committed to seeing the program grow from its original foundation.

The mission of The Sixth Man Club is to provide time and resources to assist Ohio Dominican basketball in operating at a level commensurate with championship programs at the NCAA Division II level while also emphasizing the importance of success in the classroom and community. The money raised will be used to improve the quality of the program, including in-season travel, team meals, training equipment and team uniforms for our players.

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The Sixth Man Club would like to thank our donors:

Christopher and Amanda Aemisegger

Stephen & Kathryn Aemisegger

Christopher Beck

Steve Brannen

John Collins

Col. Craig Denney

Robert & Susan Evans

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick

Richard Maxwell

Patrick McCurdy, Bob McCurdy & Kimball Midwest

James & Susan Nowicki

Jeff Overmyer

Pat Podziomek

Dennis P. Smith

Daniel R. Straub

Jim Underwood

Robert A., Sr. & Anita Vogel

Joseph & Toni Wiedemann

Thomas Wiedemann

Keith & Kathy Winter